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Rowena Krum - Knitting - Sherburne,NY

(607) 647-4789 - rkrum@madeinchenango.com

In the summer of my 7th year a grandmotherly neighbor decided I should have a "proper" pastime. She gifted me my first pair of knitting needles and several shopping bags of odds and ends of yarn saved from her many years of knitting. She taught me the simple knit stitch and sent me on my way. By the end of that summer I had knit a "scarf" of many colors and many knots that could stretch from my house to hers. And I have been from that year on fascinated with knitting and fine yarns. Except for her five-minute introduction course, I have simply learned by trial and error. When I travel I bounce from yarn shop to yarn shop.

About 10 years ago my sister brought me some amazing self-striping washable wool sock yarn from the Tutto Factory in Germany. This began my obsession with knitting socks. I love the many patterns, the warmth and strength (my husband is still wearing the first pair I knit for him) of the yarn, and the fact that wearing special socks seems to lift the spirits of everyone, young and old. I found an outlet for purchasing this yarn in, of all places, Saskatchewan, Canada. The yarn is expensive and socks take many hours to knit.

To me knitting is like Yoga. I find it very relaxing; it makes me take time to think.

I joined Made in Chenango in March 2011 because I like being a part of a cadre of interesting people who are bonded by a desire to enhance the quality of life in our rural community by sharing their talents.

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