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Ray Massey - Photography - Sherburne, NY

(607) 234-4996 - rmassey@madeinchenango.com

Initially a self- taught photographer, Ray did receive his professional training through the New York Institute of Photography. He has been an active photographer for more than 50 years, using film in the 35mm and medium format range. As times changed, and new innovations in Photography developed, such as Digital cameras, which did not use film, finding someone to process professional film was not an easy task. Ray soon became more serious about photography on the Artistic and Creative side, and has chosen the Digital Medium as his primary source of photography. Originally from New Jersey, Ray was a member of the New Jersey based Tri-County Camera Club (rated nationally in the top ten ). Ray is also affiliated w/ the Photographic Society of America.

Past Awards include Pictorial and Nature Photographer of the year (1999, 2000, and 2001), Nature slide of the year (2004), several awards from the Teaneck Camera Club (2000) and awards from the New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs (2003 and 2004).. ..Ray also won grand prize for Picture of the Year (2011) "Glade Creeks Grist Mill" in Country Magazine, a Readers Digest publication.

Ray offers Artistic Fine Art in Color and Black and White and Sepia tone. His photos include a variety of Nature (flora and fauna), Landscapes, NYC Skylines, Abstracts and Texture Studies of new and old subjects.

In trying to refine his knowledge and techniques, Ray is now also learning the process of HD (High Definition) photography.

After leaving the village of Sherburne in the late 1980's, and having lived and traveled extensively throughout these United States... Ray and his wife, Audrey, have returned to retire in the Village of Sherburne, N.Y. ...where they currently reside.

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