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Mary Ellen Whitmore - Stained Glass - Bainbridge,NY

(607) 967-8292 - mewhitmore@madeinchenango.com

Stained glass is used in many beautiful creations from church windows to small sun catchers. They inspire the imagination and can create peace of the spirit. I have always admired the artists who have shared their talent to the world.

In 2005 a beginning class was offered through BOCES adult education and I quickly signed up. In the following years I have taken part in more advanced glasswork classes. Working with glass is fascinating for me as the designs may all be the same but different glass textures and colors make each piece individual.

I am a part-time office assistant and bookkeeper in my everyday life.

I re-joined Made In Chenango in the Fall of 2007. Before that I was a member from 2000 to 2003 and was Secretary for part of that time. I enjoy being a member of Made In Chenango.

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