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Marna Dunham - Fiber Arts: Knitting, Cross Stitch, Crochet - So. New Berlin, NY

(607) 783-2305 - mdunham@madeinchenango.com

I have lived in Gilbertsville for most of my life. I have always been interested in crafts, especially needlecrafts, that have to do with yarn. I learned to crochet at nine years old from an English neighbor and also spent many hours watching my grandmother knit. Finally at age 15, I sat down to figure out how to knit and once I started I was "hooked".

A few years ago I began to sell my work because I made too many items for my family. I took time off from full time employment to be with my kids but now that they have left the nest, I have more time to make my craft and help out at MIC.

Although I prefer knitting you will also find my creations done in crochet, cross stitch, plastic canvas and sewing..

I joined MIC in 2003 and have served as Secretary.

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