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Marion Bauer - Painting Multi Media - Norwich NY

(607) 232-4021 mbauer@madeinchenango.com

My name is Marion Bauer and I live right here in Norwich, after living all over the US. This is my home and I love it here.

I've been drawing and painting ever since I can remember. ( Luckily I had parents who let me paint on the walls!)
I draw my inspiration from the very deep well of other cultures and artwork throughout history. The natural world around me is endlessly fascinating. Ideas can come from ANY quarter and I never refuse them!
I love to work with found objects, old things, pretty rocks, barnwood, fabrics, or whatever is at hand. Possibly I am descended from magpies and racoons...shiny, interesting things attract my attention.
Finding ways to put them all together is a passion.

I've spent most of my life being able to make a living with creativity as my guide, either as a costume designer in theatre, helping design large theme parties for corporate events, doing window displays or selling my art at shows and doing private commissions and murals.
No matter where I am, my art follows, growing and changing form with seasons, places, experiences. It's a lifelong journey by which I find happiness.
I've often said that when I die, (in that instant where we supposedly see our life flash before us) I would like to see everything I've ever created one more time...every painting, drawing, sculpture, poem, costume, etc. All of it, in a big field around me.

My art is my life, my life means more with art in it.

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