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Jane Utegg - Decorative Painting - Norwich NY

(607) 336-9424 - jutegg@madeinchenango.com

Jane Utegg comes from local Norwich, NY, where she's lived for the past decade with her two dogs, Daisy and Duke. Her house is constantly abuzz with activity, between the dogs and the half dozen projects she's always working on. Jane's been active as an artist and painter for over 20 years, having not started painting until she was in her 40's. Starting with stencils, Jane worked to learn different disciplines and styles. Today she most commonly works with acrylics, but Jane's originality really shines through with her mediums. Not hesitant to work on a piece of drift wood, an old slab of slate, or really anything she can find, Jane does her best to try to experiment with interesting compositions on even more interesting canvases.

As she grew as a painter, Jane joined the Leatherstocking Decorative Artists in Westmoreland, NY, a chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters. There she takes part in plenty of educational courses and meetings, and has even volunteered her time as one of the Society's organizing officers. Currently she holds the position of Vice President of Programs, where she helps organize and run courses on new art styles and techniques.

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