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Deb Whitman - Sculpture, Drawings - Norwich, NY


My high school art class is where I was introduced to sculpting wood.

What influences my style of sculpting is the love and compassion humans have for one another. I prefer an abstract 'essence of human' to avoid people identifying or not identifying with the sculpture due to a realistic style being confined to a race, sex or social timeframe. The spirit of the message is what is most important to me. What influences my style of pen/ink pointillism drawings is how the time that I am drawing takes me back to the location where I was so deeply moved by the scene. It keeps that hike alive for me.

Where did I learn my art? I started at Chenango Valley High school art classes and received my BA of Fine Art from Oswego State University.

I was self-employed for the majority of my working career doing technical drawings and project planning for a wide variety of businesses. I have exhibited and sold my sculptures in numerous shows in Colorado and New York including "The North American Sculpture Exhibit" In Golden Colorado, "The Invitational Sculpture Show" in Loveland Colorado, and "Made In NY" exhibit at the Schweinfurth museum in Auburn NY. I am now retired and will be spending far more hours devoted to my art, gardening, hiking, canoeing and family.

To purchase this member's work, you will need to please visit Made In Chenango in person at 25-27 North Broad Street in Norwich NY - unfortunately, shipping is not available for this member's items at this time. (Made In Chenango as a store does not process online sales and/or shipping, that is handled individually by each member.) Custom orders are not available for this member
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