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Ede Walker - Pottery - Smyrna, NY

607-627-6761 - ewalker@madeinchenango.com

I am basically a self-taught potter. When my second son was born in 1984 I found a used potter's wheel and kiln and began to experiment. With the help of some good books, a patient family and my stubborn fascination for clay, my pottery began to improve.
Now, 20 years later I am beginning to feel as though I can call myself a potter.

I am drawn to primitive pottery from all over the world. These pots are honest and unpretentious and the potter's touch remains an integral part of the vessel. I can see and feel the energy of another potter's connection to the clay. It makes me, in turn, feel connected to our mutual mother earth that has provided us with this wonderful mud!

I have studied Anasazi pottery (in New Mexico) and Maya pottery (in Belize) with master potter Clint Swink of Colorado and the geometric designs that are found in a lot of my work comes from a deep respect of the artistic skill of these ancient potters.

My pottery is constantly changing and evolving. Most of my work is functional...although a few of my pieces are purely decorative. My functional pottery is designed to be used and enjoyed....... light enough for comfort and yet sturdy enough to be practical. I have tried to develop forms and glazes that are pleasing both to the eye and the hand.

It is oven safe and can be used in the microwave and the dishwasher. Because each piece is made by hand, not two pieces are identical. I do make sets and repeat designs, but there are always variations due to the nature of the clay, the glazes, the process and.........me.

I use stoneware clays and fire my pots to cone 6 in an oxidation atmosphere.
I sell most of my work at major craft shows throughout the northeast. You can also find me in the summer at the Farmer's Market in Hamilton, NY on most Saturday mornings.

My studio will be open to the public 2 or 3 times during the year when I will be participating in studio tours with other artists in Chenango County.

When asked where my inspiration comes from I can only answer that I love the way clay feels!

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