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Cecy Yerton - Cross stitch - Oxford,NY

(607) 336-3035

My name is Cecy Yerton and except for a few side trips I have always lived in this area. I graduated from Norwich High School and Morrisville (Norwich Campus). For thirty four years I drove school bus for Oxford Central Schools, retiring in 2004. Counted Cross Stitch is my needlework of choice-preferably done on linen. I especially like the smaller sized subjects and these projects can be taken with me to do while I wait.

Cross stitch satisfies my soul and I have to be quiet and still to do it.

As children, my Grama gave embroidery to us children, thread, needles and cloth, but we had to do the work. It was the finest gift I've ever received! With all the technology around, real hand worked pieces are becoming rarer. I need the feeling of creating with thread to be complete—it feeds my spirit

I have been a member since 20 and presently serve as Made In Chenango's scheduling coordinator.

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